Biden Invests $1 Billion in Airport Modernization Projects

Airport Modernization Projects

So the White House just announced that they’re giving out almost a billion dollars to improve airports all across the country. 114 airports in 44 states and 3 territories will get funding to make things like security lines and baggage handling more efficient. They’ll also use the money to expand areas for people to wait and add more gates.

This is on top of the $2 billion that was announced over the past couple years. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg said we’re seeing an unprecedented amount of investment in all kinds of infrastructure. The money from President Biden’s big infrastructure bill will make airports easier to get through and create jobs.

Most of the funding comes from the Airport Terminal Program, which is part of the Infrastructure Law. That law set aside $1 billion each year for 5 years just for airport terminals. In total it provides $25 billion to modernize airports.

Some of the airports getting big chunks of money include O’Hare in Chicago, which is getting $40 million to improve one of its terminals. Dulles Airport near D.C. will get $35 million to build a new terminal with more gates connected to the train.

LAX in California is awarded $31 million to fix roads around the airport, including underground drainage. Denver is getting $26.6 million to replace their baggage system with a more efficient one. Salt Lake City Airport, which just finished a $5 billion renovation, will use $20 million to expand one of its terminals.

Politicians from states with airports getting money were quick to take credit. Mitch McConnell touted the $13 million for Louisville Airport in Kentucky. John Hoeven talked up the $10 million for Fargo Airport in North Dakota. Susan Collins said Maine airports would split $18 million, with $6.5 million going to one in particular. Even Mike Turner, who opposed the Infrastructure Bill, touted the $2.9 million for Dayton Airport in Ohio.


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What do you think?

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February 16, 2024

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