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amazon product tester job

You’ve seen those Amazon reviews raving about the latest gadgets and gizmos, wondering who gets the inside scoop on testing out products before the rest of us. Well listen up, because that Amazon Product Tester job opportunity could be yours for the taking! As an official tester, manufacturers will ship you new releases to try out and provide your candid feedback on. Think of all the shiny new tech, nifty kitchen tools, and innovative personal care products that could be delivered right to your door. Now’s your chance to get that coveted access and shape future products for Amazon shoppers by submitting your detailed test results. With perks like free merchandise, networking connections, and flexible hours, this tester gig is a smart way to satisfy your inner product junkie. So polish up that resume and cover letter to apply – your product testing career awaits!

amazon product tester job
amazon product tester job

What Is an Amazon Product Tester?

As an Amazon product tester, your job is to test out an array of merchandise available on Amazon and provide helpful feedback to improve the overall customer experience. You’ll receive products like electronics, home goods, and the latest gadgets shipped directly to you at no cost. All you have to do is try them out and report back with an honest review of how they performed.

It’s a flexible role that allows you to work on your own schedule from home. The requirements are fairly straightforward. You’ll need an active Amazon account in good standing and the ability to articulate specifics about products in a detailed, organized way. Strong communication and writing skills are important to convey your insights effectively. Tech savviness and a knack for noticing subtle details will also serve you well.

The benefits of being an Amazon product tester are appealing. Not only do you get to enjoy using innovative new products for free, but you can directly impact which items become available for purchase on Amazon. You’ll gain valuable experience that may open up opportunities to connect with others in the product testing field.

To land a role as an Amazon product tester, you’ll want to submit a resume highlighting any relevant experience you have, as well as a cover letter expressing your enthusiasm for the position. Explain why trying out new products and providing input to enhance the customer experience appeals to you. With the right mix of curiosity and thoughtful feedback, you can contribute greatly to the success and quality of items sold on Amazon.

Join the ranks of Amazon product testers and play an important part in shaping the future of product innovation and e-commerce. Put your reviewing skills to work and get paid to try out some of the coolest new products on the market before anyone else. If you love being on the cutting edge of technology and sharing your opinions, this could be the ideal gig for you.

Responsibilities of an Amazon Product Tester Job

As an Amazon product tester, you’ll play an integral role in evaluating new items before they become available for purchase on Amazon. Your feedback helps ensure high quality, functional products that customers will love. Some of your main responsibilities will include:

Receiving shipments of various products to test in your own home. You’ll get to experience using everything from the latest tech gadgets and kitchen tools to home decor items. Make sure to follow the included instructions and guidelines to test each product properly.

Providing detailed feedback on your experience with each product. Be honest but constructive, highlighting both positive and negative attributes. Comment on things like performance, durability, design, and overall functionality. Your input helps determine if an item should be available for sale on Amazon.

Submitting thorough documentation of your testing process. Keep clear records of how you tested each product, your observations, and recommendations for improvement. Organize your notes, ratings, photos, or videos to share with the product testing coordinator.

Maintaining open communication with the product testing coordinator. Ask any questions you may have and provide updates on your progress to ensure you meet expected testing timelines. Promptly report any issues with products or the testing process.

To excel as an Amazon product tester, you should have a keen eye for detail, the ability to articulate your experiences, and a passion for providing helpful feedback. Strong communication and writing skills are essential to convey your insights effectively. Reliability and consistency are also important, as you’ll need to test products and submit evaluations on schedule. If you enjoy discovering innovative new products and want to help shape the customer experience, this could be an ideal role for you.

Join the team and start receiving exciting products to try in the comfort of your own home. Get in on the ground floor of innovation and play an important part in the product development process. The perks of free goods and a flexible work schedule make this an appealing opportunity for many. If you’re up for the challenge, apply today!

Requirements to Become an Amazon Product Tester

To land a role as an Amazon product tester, you’ll need to meet certain qualifications. The position calls for specific skills and traits that will allow you to excel in providing helpful feedback on the array of items you’ll evaluate.

First, you must have an active Amazon account in good standing. As an avid Amazon customer, you’ll be familiar with the shopping experience and able to compare tested products with similar items you’ve purchased in the past.

Keen attention to detail is essential. You’ll need to articulate your observations on things like product performance, quality, design, and functionality. Minor flaws or areas for improvement should not go unnoticed. Strong communication abilities, especially written, will allow you to convey your insights in a clear, constructive way.

Being tech-savvy is important, as you’ll frequently test electronics, gadgets, and other technology-based goods. You should feel at ease using and assessing the latest smart devices, software, and other innovations. Some mechanical or technical aptitude is helpful for evaluating how products are engineered and assembled.

Reliability and consistency are highly valued. Submitting feedback, reviews, and reports on time according to provided guidelines is expected. The ability to work independently and follow directions is key. You’ll need to stay organized as you juggle testing multiple products simultaneously.

Flexibility is helpful, as products will arrive on a continuous basis, and assignments may come with short turnarounds. You’ll have to adapt to varying schedules and types of items. While the role provides a lot of autonomy, you must be responsive to check-ins and available to clarify any points.

An enthusiastic, curious attitude will make the work especially engaging and rewarding. If you love discovering new gadgets, tools, and other merchandise, have a desire to shape product development, and want to build your professional network, this could be an ideal opportunity. With the right mix of skills and motivation, you’ll thrive in this role as an Amazon product tester.

Benefits and Perks of Being an Amazon Product Tester

As an Amazon Product Tester, you’ll enjoy some excellent benefits and perks.

Free Products

The biggest perk of this job is receiving free products to test in the comfort of your own home. You’ll get your hands on the latest gadgets, electronics, home goods, and other items before they even hit the shelves. Trying out new products before anyone else is an exciting opportunity for those passionate about technology and innovation.

Influence the Amazon Experience

Your feedback and reviews have a direct impact on the products available to millions of Amazon customers. By identifying issues or areas of improvement for products still in development, you shape the overall customer experience and help brands make their items the best they can be. Your voice and opinions matter in this role.

Flexible Schedule

Product Testers can work on their own time and set their own schedules. Once you receive a product to test, you’ll have ample time to thoroughly try it out before submitting your feedback. This flexibility suits those looking for a side gig to fit around their lifestyle or as a source of extra income. The ability to work remotely also provides opportunities for those unable to work traditional hours.

Networking Connections

As a Product Tester, you’ll join a community of others passionate about the latest technology and gadgets. Connecting with fellow testers as well as brands and product developers provides valuable networking opportunities. Discussing insights with others in the product testing field helps strengthen your own abilities through knowledge sharing. Developing good relationships in this area may lead to additional product testing roles or other opportunities down the road.

Additional Perks

Some brands also provide additional incentives for Product Testers like discount codes, free trials of related products or services, and more. While not guaranteed, these extra perks serve as a nice bonus for your efforts and time providing detailed reviews and feedback. Building a reputation as a reliable and insightful Product Tester makes you a desirable candidate for these additional benefits.

The chance to receive free products, impact the Amazon experience, set your own hours, network, and earn other perks makes a job as an Amazon Product Tester an appealing opportunity for many. With hard work and enthusiasm, Product Testers can find success and reap the many rewards this position has to offer.

Where to Find Amazon Product Tester Job Opportunities

As an Amazon product tester, you have a few options for finding new opportunities. The most direct approach is to check the Amazon Jobs website and search for “product tester” positions. Amazon frequently posts openings for part-time, freelance product testers. You can set up job alerts to notify you when new product tester roles become available.

Another option is to sign up with one of the many product testing websites and companies. These sites work to match testers with companies in need of product feedback. Some of the popular product testing platforms include:

  • Home Tester Club – They work with major brands like Amazon, Walmart, and Target to fill product tester positions. Members get free products to test in exchange for reviews.
  • Testing Time – Has over 2 million testers providing feedback on products from thousands of brands. You can apply to test specific products that match your interests and demographics.
  • User Interviews – Conducts market research studies for brands including Amazon. Study participants, or “testers”, get paid to provide opinions and insights on new products.
  • Respondent – Partners with research panels and communities to help brands like Amazon gain valuable customer feedback. Members can participate in online surveys, product tests, focus groups, and more in exchange for rewards and compensation.
  • Pinecone Research – An exclusive paid product testing panel. Members get selected to participate in product tests and surveys for major brands. Testers get paid in cash for each completed task. Invitation only – you must get referred by an existing member.
  • InboxDollars – Get paid to take surveys, complete product tests, watch videos and more. Members earn cash which can be redeemed for gift cards or deposited directly into your PayPal account. Amazon and other leading brands use InboxDollars for product testing and market research.

The key is to sign up with multiple sites and check them frequently for new opportunities. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t get selected for every test. There is a lot of competition, so apply to as many as possible to increase your chances. With time and consistency, you’ll build up experience and land more product tester jobs. Keep at it, stay passionate about providing helpful feedback, and you’ll find success as an Amazon product tester.

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