american thinker

american thinker

American Thinker is an online conservative magazine that covers American politics, foreign affairs, national security and culture. It also deals with economics, diplomacy and diplomatic issues. Felicity Barringer, writing in The New York Times credited American thinker for causing a public uproar over California’s plan to mandate programmable thermostats that could be controlled in case of power outages. Salon journalist Jenny Kutner wrote in November 2014 that American Thinker author Deborah C. Tyler had nicknamed then gubernatorial nominee Wendy Davis a “gynecist”. Kutner thought Tyler’s term was intended to be insulting, but Kutner said that it sounded awesome when she explained what the term meant: Gynecism is a political position which promotes that the most important power that a woman can have is control over her sexual and genital function. Summary retrieved October 7, 2019.

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