3 Best free Email Marketing Tools and Services Lookinglion

3 best free email marketing tools and services lookinglion

You’re just starting out with email marketing and want some solid options that won’t break the bank. I feel you. When your business is just getting off the ground, you need to make every dollar count. The good news is that you’ve got great free tools at your fingertips to start building your email subscriber list and sending out effective campaigns. In this post, I’ll share my top picks for free email marketing services so you can start growing your business without emptying your wallet. Trust me, with the right free tools, you can still create beautiful, professional emails to woo your audience. Read on to discover my recommendations for the best of the best when it comes to free email marketing.

Introducing the Top 3 Free Email Marketing Tools

So you want to get started with email marketing but don’t have the budget for an expensive tool? No worries, there are some great free options out there. MailPloy is one of the most popular. Its free plan lets you send up to 20000 emails each month to 20000 subscribers. You get a user-friendly interface, templates, and reports to see how your campaigns are doing.

Sender is another solid choice. They offer 15,000 emails per month to 2,500 people.You’ll have access to features like segmentation, automation, and A/B testing to optimize your efforts. They also have an easy to use drag-and-drop builder to create great looking emails.

MailerLite rounds out the top three. They don’t put any caps on the number of emails or subscribers with their free plan. You get useful options like landing pages, pop-ups, detailed analytics, and more. This is a great all-in-one solution if you’re just starting out.

While these tools may lack some of the advanced features of paid services, they have everything you need to build your email list and start connecting with your subscribers. Give one of them a try and see how easy it can be to get started with email marketing, all without hurting your wallet. Once your business grows, you can always switch to one of their affordable paid plans to access more advanced options.

In the end, the most important things are providing value to your subscribers and being genuine in your communications. No amount of flashy templates or automation will make up for that. So choose a tool you’re comfortable with, focus on connecting with your audience, and email marketing success will follow.

3 best free email marketing tools and services lookinglion
3 best free email marketing tools and services lookinglion

MailPloy is one of the most popular free email marketing tools out there. With their free plan, you can send up to 20000 emails each month to a list of up to 20000 subscribers. For small businesses and those just getting started with email marketing, this is an ideal solution.

Easy to Use

MailPloy is known for being user-friendly. Even if you don’t have experience with email marketing, you’ll find their drag-and-drop email designer and pre-made templates simple to work with. You can easily create professional-looking newsletters, promotions, and autoresponders without needing any coding experience.

Powerful Features

Although the free plan has some limitations, you still get access to useful features like automation, A/B testing, and reports. The automation tool lets you send emails on a schedule, welcome new subscribers, wish contacts a happy birthday, and more. A/B testing allows you to compare two email campaigns to see which one performs better. And with the reporting features, you’ll gain insights into how your subscribers are engaging with your emails.

Room to Grow

If your business expands, MailPloy has paid plans to accommodate larger email lists and more advanced needs. Their paid plans start at $88/month and include additional features like multivariate testing, dynamic content, and Facebook advertising integration. The scalability of MailPloy means you can stick with them for the long haul, even as your email marketing becomes more sophisticated.

Overall, MailPloy is a full-featured email service that gives you everything you need to get started, with an easy upgrade path for the future. For a free tool, you really can’t beat it. Why not give it a try? You’ve got nothing to lose, and an engaged email list to gain!


While MailPloy free plan is limited to 20,000 subscribers and 20,000 emails per month, their pro plans are very affordable if your list grows bigger. They offer monthly plans starting at $88/month for up to 1,000,000 subscribers and 1,000,000 emails. MailPloy is an intuitive, full-featured email service that provides great value for small businesses and solopreneurs. The free plan is a perfect way to get started with email marketing and you can scale up as your needs change.

Sender – Drag-and-Drop Editor and Automation for Free

If you’re looking for an easy-to-use email marketing tool with powerful features, Sender is a great free option to consider. Their drag-and-drop email editor lets you create beautiful emails without any coding experience. You have access to responsive templates that will look great whether your subscribers open them on a phone, tablet or desktop.

Automation and Segmentation

Sender also provides automation and segmentation tools in their free plan. You can set up email workflows to send a series of emails automatically when someone subscribes or makes a purchase. Segmentation allows you to divide your subscribers into groups based on their interests and send targeted emails. For example, you can send a discount to customers who haven’t made a purchase recently or wish certain segments a happy birthday. These advanced features are typically only offered in paid plans by other providers.

A/B Testing

To optimize your email marketing, Sender offers A/B testing on their free plan. This allows you to send different versions of an email to groups of subscribers to see which one gets the best response. You may test things like different email subject lines, layouts or content. Then you can send the winning version to the rest of your list, ensuring the best results.


While Sender’s free plan is limited to 2,500 subscribers and 15,000 emails per month, their pro plans are very affordable if your list grows bigger. They offer monthly plans starting at $10/month for up to 10,000 subscribers and 100,000 emails. Sender is an intuitive, full-featured email service that provides great value for small businesses and solopreneurs. The free plan is a perfect way to get started with email marketing and you can scale up as your needs change.

MailerLite – Unlimited Emails for Up to 1,000 Subscribers

MailerLite offers a very robust free email marketing plan that allows you to send unlimited emails to up to 1,000 subscribers. For small businesses and those just getting started with email campaigns, this is an ideal solution that provides powerful features without the cost.

With MailerLite, you have access to professional email templates that are stylish and responsive. Their drag-and-drop editor makes it easy to create attractive newsletters, promotions, and product updates in minutes. You can also use their landing page and signup form tools to start building your list.

One of the biggest benefits of MailerLite is automation. You can set up workflows to automatically welcome new subscribers, send birthday emails, re-engage inactive subscribers, and more. This allows you to save time while still providing a personalized experience for your readers.

MailerLite also offers detailed reports and analytics so you can see open rates, click rates, unsubscribes, and more for each campaign. You’ll know right away what’s resonating with your audience and what could use improvement. Their goal is to provide small businesses the same capabilities as expensive enterprise tools, but without the high costs or complicated interface.

For many new startups and small ecommerce companies, MailerLite has the features and functionality needed to run effective email marketing campaigns. And since the free plan allows unlimited emails and up to 1,000 subscribers, you have room to grow your lists and engagement before needing to upgrade to a paid plan. If you’re looking for an easy, affordable email service, MailerLite is a great choice.

Choosing the Best Free Email Marketing Service for Your Needs

When choosing a free email service, the options can seem overwhelming. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Let’s look at some of the key factors to consider so you can find the best solution for your business.


The features included in the free plan are important to evaluate. Some offer basic functionality like email templates and analytics, while others provide more advanced features such as automation, A/B testing and landing pages. Determine what features are most critical for your needs now as well as what may be useful in the future as your business grows.

Email volume

Pay attention to the number of emails you can send each month and the maximum number of subscribers allowed. If you have a large list or plan to scale quickly, you’ll want a service that can support your volume needs right from the start. Some services like MailPloy and MailerLite offer unlimited emails in their free plans.

Ease of use

An easy-to-use interface is key. Look for a service with an intuitive drag-and-drop email builder, pre-made templates to save you time, and automation features to simplify your workflow. Services like MailPloy, Sender and MailerLite are very user-friendly, even for beginners.

Upgrade options

Consider the pricing and features of the paid plans in case you outgrow the free option. Some services provide affordable upgrade options with more advanced features, higher email and subscriber limits. Others may require a big financial investment to move to a paid plan. Choose a service with a clear upgrade path that fits your budget.

By evaluating the key factors that matter most to your business, you can find a free email marketing service to meet your current needs as well as provide room for growth. The options available today make it possible to start marketing to your subscribers right away without a major investment. So take your time, do your research, and choose the best solution for your business.


So there you have it, my friend – three awesome free email marketing tools to help get your campaigns up and running. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to grow your list without breaking the bank, platforms like MailPloy, Sender, and MailerLite have got you covered. With easy-to-use editors, automation, and analytics, you can create beautiful, engaging emails to connect with your audience. And the free plans allow you to dip your toes in the email marketing waters without a huge commitment. So give one of these excellent free services a try and watch as your open and click-through rates start climbing. This is just the beginning of building meaningful relationships with your subscribers. Onward and upward!


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