Google Enables OS Upgrades for Older PCs Post-Windows 10 Support Cutoff

Google OS Upgrades Older PCs

Google is making a big move to help businesses and consumers. They are allowing Chrome OS Flex to automatically update on Windows devices. This could prevent millions of PCs from being thrown away after Microsoft stops supporting Windows 10 next year.

Chrome OS Flex will keep getting regular security fixes and updates, like encrypting your data. This lets people keep using their Windows 10 computers past when Microsoft stops providing help.

Microsoft said Windows 10 support ends on October 14, 2025. Then they won’t give it security patches, bug fixes or technical assistance anymore. They want folks to switch to Windows 11 or find another option.

But one report estimated that dumping Windows 10 support could mean around 240 million PCs get tossed. Not many may want a computer without security updates.

Many Windows 10 PCs might still work fine for years after support ends though.

Chrome OS has a much smaller user base than Windows or other operating systems. In January 2024, only about 1.8% of desktops worldwide used Chrome OS, far behind Windows’ 73% share.

Chrome OS also has struggled to work with older Windows programs that companies rely on. But Google says Chrome OS can now stream those legacy Windows apps and productivity software from data centers. Running the apps remotely could help Chrome OS get used on more devices.


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