How Imprivata’s Global Digital Marketing Manager Drives Global Success

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So you want to know how the Global Digital Marketing Manager drives global success at Imprivata? You’re in the right place. Meet Jenna Smith, Imprivata’s marketing mastermind behind worldwide digital domination. Jenna knows what makes Imprivata’s global customers tick and how to reach them through targeted digital marketing campaigns. Whether promoting Imprivata’s healthcare security solutions in the US, UK, Middle East or Australia, Jenna has her finger on the pulse of key healthcare IT trends and issues impacting providers across regions. Through data-driven insights, Jenna identifies unique digital strategies tailored to different global markets. She builds high-performing marketing teams worldwide to execute localized campaigns fueled by her global vision. Read on to discover how Jenna leverages digital marketing to lead Imprivata to worldwide success and gain valuable insights you can apply to your own global marketing efforts. This powerhouse of a digital marketer will inspire you with her innovative and impactful global marketing strategies.

Introducing Imprivata’s Global Digital Marketing Manager

As Imprivata’s Global Digital Marketing Manager, Kristin Macomber’s mission is to showcase the company’s innovative identity and access management solutions on a global scale.

Driving Digital Success Worldwide

Kristin develops and executes marketing strategies across Imprivata’s international regions, including EMEA, APJ, and LATAM. She works closely with regional marketing teams to ensure brand consistency while adapting to local needs. Her role requires a blend of global digital marketing expertise, cultural sensitivity, and the ability to see the big picture.

  • Expanding Global Reach: Kristin employs data-driven insights to identify key growth opportunities in new markets. She helps determine how to best reach and engage new customers across borders through research into their digital behaviors and preferences.
  • Optimizing the Customer Journey: By analyzing how people interact with Imprivata’s digital properties across the world, Kristin improves the overall customer experience. She looks for ways to streamline the journey from initial interest through purchase and beyond. Her goal is to make it easy for people to learn about, try and buy Imprivata’s solutions, regardless of location.
  • Driving Brand Awareness: Through targeted digital advertising, social media, and content marketing, Kristin significantly increases Imprivata’s international visibility and reputation. She ensures brand messaging resonates globally while adapting to regional cultural nuances. Kristin also leverages partnerships with industry influencers and media platforms to expand brand reach and share expertise on identity and access management challenges and best practices around the world.

With a proven track record of accelerating digital marketing success on a global scale, Kristin is instrumental in propelling Imprivata’s worldwide growth. Her innovative, collaborative approach helps the company make strong connections with new customers across borders. Kristin’s leadership and vision are key to Imprivata’s mission of simplifying how the world accesses healthcare.

The Role and Responsibilities of a Global Digital Marketing Manager

As Imprivata’s Global Digital Marketing Manager, your role is crucial in driving the company’s online success worldwide. You oversee all digital marketing campaigns across regions, ensuring brand consistency and maximizing impact.


Your main responsibilities include:

  • Developing global digital marketing strategies and campaigns. This means analyzing key markets, evaluating new opportunities, and optimizing existing initiatives.
  • Managing all social media profiles and online advertising. You handle Imprivata’s social platforms, paid advertising, and retargeting campaigns across regions.
  • Overseeing multilingual website content and SEO. You coordinate with regional marketing teams to optimize Imprivata’s global site content and search engine rankings in all key languages.
  • Reporting on key metrics and ROI. You monitor campaign KPIs like web traffic, lead generation, brand mentions, and social engagement across regions. Then optimize based on insights.
  • Training and supporting regional marketers. You provide guidance to help regional teams succeed, including best practices for social media, content creation, advertising, and more.
  • Staying on top of digital marketing trends. You keep a pulse on emerging technologies, platforms, and strategies to help Imprivata lead in online healthcare marketing.


With a strategic, data-driven approach, Imprivata’s Global Digital Marketing Manager amplifies the company’s online presence around the world. You help unify regional marketing efforts under a consistent global brand, all while tailoring to local audiences. The end result? A seamless digital experience that engages customers across borders. Through your work, Imprivata is able to spread its mission of healthcare security on a truly global scale.

Key Skills and Qualifications for the Position

To excel as Imprivata’s Global Digital Marketing Manager, you need a unique combination of both technical and soft skills. Some of the key qualifications for this role include:

Strong Communication Skills

As the key liaison between global marketing teams and leadership, excellent communication is essential. You need to be able to clearly convey key strategies, priorities, and messaging across cultures. Strong writing skills are also important for crafting impactful content, email campaigns, social media posts, and more.

##Data-Driven Mindset

In today’s digital world, marketing decisions are increasingly data-driven. You should be highly analytical, able to interpret marketing metrics and insights to optimize strategies and campaigns. Familiarity with tools like Google Analytics, Salesforce, and marketing automation platforms is a must.


While digital marketing is data-driven, creativity is still key. You need to be able to brainstorm innovative content ideas, new ways to engage audiences, and strategies for reaching new customer segments. An eye for design is also helpful for creating visually compelling content.

Technical Savvy

As digital marketing becomes more sophisticated, technical skills are essential. You should be proficient in content management systems, email service providers, social media platforms, and other digital technologies. Experience with SEO, SEM, marketing automation, and CRM software is a major plus.


Digital marketing is constantly evolving, so you need to be comfortable adapting to change. New social networks emerge, audiences shift, technologies advance, and tactics that worked yesterday may not work tomorrow. Staying on the leading edge of trends in digital marketing, social media, and content creation is key to success in this role.

Leadership Ability

As a senior manager, leadership skills like teamwork, motivation, and mentorship are important. You need to be able to effectively manage global marketing teams, set priorities, delegate responsibilities, and ensure collaboration across regions. Strong project management skills are essential for overseeing complex, multifaceted digital marketing campaigns across the globe.

Driving Global Brand Awareness and Engagement

As Global Digital Marketing Manager at Imprivata, your role is instrumental in building brand awareness and engaging audiences around the world. You develop and execute global digital marketing strategies across all digital channels to achieve key business objectives, including:

Driving Website Traffic and Conversions

You optimize Imprivata’s global websites to improve search engine rankings, increase organic traffic, and boost key conversions like contact form submissions or free trial signups. Using search engine optimization (SEO) best practices, you identify target keywords, create optimized content, build internal links, and monitor rankings and traffic. You also run pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaigns to drive additional high-quality traffic.

Growing Social Media Engagement

On platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, you develop and manage Imprivata’s social media strategy to raise brand visibility, foster customer connections, and increase social shares and followers. You post engaging content, respond to comments and messages, run social media contests and campaigns, and analyze key metrics to optimize performance.

Nurturing Customer Relationships

You leverage digital marketing to strengthen Imprivata’s relationships with existing customers through personalized communications and targeted campaigns. Using marketing automation, you send relevant emails based on customer interests and behavior. You also promote customer advocacy programs to generate reviews, case studies, referrals and other word-of-mouth marketing.

Coordinating Global and Local Marketing

As Global Digital Marketing Manager, you work with regional marketing teams around the world to ensure brand consistency while adapting to local markets. You provide guidelines, resources and best practices for global initiatives but also empower regional teams to customize messaging, content and campaigns to resonate with their audiences. By fostering strong collaboration between global and local teams, you enable Imprivata to speak with one voice across borders.

Your role as an expert digital marketer is crucial to Imprivata’s global success. By skillfully driving brand awareness, website traffic, social media engagement and customer relationships worldwide, you position Imprivata as an industry leader and help the company achieve its full global potential.

Implementing Data-Driven Digital Strategies

As Imprivata’s Global Digital Marketing Manager, implementing data-driven digital strategies is key to your role and driving success. You analyze metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) to gain insights into what’s working and not working across global digital marketing campaigns. Then you make data-informed decisions to optimize strategies and boost results.

Analyzing Metrics and KPIs

You regularly analyze metrics like traffic, engagement, and conversion rates across Imprivata’s digital properties to determine how well strategies are performing in different regions. You also analyze KPIs, or key performance indicators, such as:

  • Social media engagement and follower growth
  • Email open and click-through rates
  • Traffic sources and volumes
  • Content downloads and lead generation

By analyzing these metrics and KPIs, you gain valuable insights into what content and campaigns are resonating in specific regions so you can optimize accordingly.

Implementing Data-Driven Optimization

Armed with data-driven insights, you implement optimizations to Imprivata’s digital marketing strategies. Some examples include:

  • Adjusting social media posting schedules and content based on peak engagement times in different time zones.
  • Localizing email campaigns and landing pages for different audiences.
  • Optimizing content and ad placements by country or language.
  • Shifting budget allocations to higher-performing channels and campaigns.

Through an iterative process of analyzing data, gaining insights, and optimizing strategies based on those insights, you’re able to significantly improve results over time. Your data-driven approach is key to driving Imprivata’s global digital marketing success.

By taking a data-driven approach to optimizing digital marketing strategies for global audiences, you’re able to make a huge impact on Imprivata’s success worldwide. The insights you gain and optimizations you implement are key to boosting brand awareness, engaging new customers, and driving new opportunities across regions.

Optimizing Multi-Channel Campaigns Across Markets

As the Global Digital Marketing Manager at Imprivata, optimizing multi-channel marketing campaigns across global markets is a key part of your role. You need to make sure the company’s digital marketing initiatives resonate in different regions and cultures.

Tailoring Messaging

You adapt Imprivata’s messaging and content for different audiences. The language, images, and examples used in the US may not translate well in the EU or APAC. You modify copy, creative assets, and campaigns to be locally relevant while maintaining brand consistency.

Coordinating Translation

Imprivata’s content needs to be translated into several languages to reach international customers. You coordinate with localization teams to translate digital content like the website, blog posts, email campaigns, social media posts, and more. You review translations to confirm accuracy and tone before the content is published.

Managing Partners

You oversee relationships with agencies, freelancers, and marketing partners around the world. Coordinating with partners in different time zones and ensuring work meets Imprivata’s high standards can be challenging. But these partners provide localized expertise that would be difficult to achieve internally. You make sure partners understand Imprivata’s global brand messaging and digital initiatives.

Analyzing Performance

You constantly analyze how Imprivata’s digital marketing campaigns and content are performing in each market. Using tools like Google Analytics, social media analytics, and marketing automation platforms, you gain insights into how customers in each region engage and convert. You then optimize underperforming campaigns and double down on successful initiatives.

Optimizing multi-channel marketing across borders requires an eye for cultural nuance and a talent for bringing people and teams together around the world. By adapting messaging, translating content, managing partners, and analyzing performance, you help Imprivata achieve global digital marketing success.

Building High-Performing Global Marketing Teams

Building a high-performing global marketing team requires strong leadership and vision. As Imprivata’s Global Digital Marketing Manager, you need to motivate and inspire team members across regions and cultures to work together towards shared goals.

Recruiting Top Talent

The first step is hiring the right people for the job. Seek out individuals with expertise in digital marketing, content creation, social media, and more. Look for candidates who show passion for their work, adaptability, and the ability to collaborate across borders. Cultural diversity is key to understanding the nuances of global audiences.

Providing Clear Direction

Once you have the right team in place, give them clear objectives and key results (OKRs) to work towards. Explain how their roles contribute to the broader mission and priorities of the marketing organization and company. Regular check-ins, status updates, and feedback will keep everyone aligned as they execute strategies.

Fostering Collaboration

With team members located around the world, make collaboration a top priority. Encourage open communication across regions through tools like Slack, Zoom, and Workplace. Share knowledge, insights, and best practices frequently. Organize both virtual and in-person meetups when possible to strengthen working relationships.

Measuring Success

As Global Digital Marketing Manager, develop key performance indicators (KPIs) to track how your global efforts are influencing metrics like web traffic, lead generation, brand awareness, and customer acquisition on a regional and global scale. Report on results regularly and make adjustments to strategies and resources as needed to optimize impact over time.

Building an effective global marketing machine requires bringing together the right mix of skills, fostering a culture of teamwork and open communication, providing strong leadership and direction, and continuously measuring progress against key objectives. With the right vision and dedication, you can assemble and guide a world-class digital marketing team to drive success on a global scale.

Measuring and Reporting on Global Digital Marketing Performance

As the Global Digital Marketing Manager at Imprivata, measuring and reporting on the performance of your global digital marketing initiatives is crucial. How else will you know what’s working, what needs improvement, and how you can optimize your efforts to drive even better results?

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

The key to effective measurement is identifying the right KPIs to track based on your key business objectives and digital marketing goals. Some recommendations for a role like yours could include:

  • Traffic to the website and key landing pages
  • Time on page and bounce rate for key content
  • Number of new contacts/leads generated
  • Conversion rate of leads to sales opportunities
  • Revenue and sales from digital marketing campaigns and channels
  • Social media engagement (likes, comments, shares) and follower growth
  • Ranking for target keywords in search engines like Google

Tools for Tracking and Reporting

Lucky for you, there are many tools available to help track digital marketing KPIs and generate reports. Some of the major platforms are:

  • Google Analytics for measuring web traffic, conversions, and more
  • Your email service provider for email open rates, click-through rates and unsubscribes
  • Social media management tools like Hootsuite or Sprout Social for tracking social metrics
  • SEO tools like Moz or SEMrush for monitoring search rankings and keyword positions
  • Marketing campaign tools to track lead generation and ROI for campaigns

Share Insights Across Teams

One of the most valuable things you can do is share your digital marketing reports and insights with key internal stakeholders. schedule regular meetings or send out reports to:

  • Discuss what’s working and not working based on the metrics
  • Get input on optimizations and new initiatives to drive improved performance
  • Help other teams understand how they can support digital marketing efforts
  • Ensure alignment between digital marketing strategies and broader business goals

With the right KPIs, tools, and processes for measuring and reporting in place, you’ll be well on your way to demonstrating and improving the impact of your global digital marketing programs. Keep optimizing and enhancing your efforts based on the data and insights, and you’ll achieve even greater success.

Global Digital Marketing Manager FAQs

As the Global Digital Marketing Manager at Imprivata, your role is instrumental in driving success and growth across the globe. You likely have many questions about what exactly this position entails on a day-to-day basis and how you can maximize your impact. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions and answers:

What are the key responsibilities?

Your core responsibilities focus on developing and executing digital marketing strategies to increase Imprivata’s global brand awareness, generate high-quality leads, and drive revenue. This includes:

  • Overseeing Imprivata’s global website, content, SEO, social media, advertising, and marketing automation.
  • Collaborating with regional marketing teams to ensure messaging and campaigns are localized and culturally relevant for each market.
  • Analyzing key metrics and insights to optimize marketing performance across channels.
  • Staying up-to-date with digital marketing best practices and trends to keep Imprivata at the forefront.

What skills and experience are required?

Successful candidates typically have 7-10 years of experience leading digital marketing initiatives at a global B2B technology company. Key requirements include:

  • Expertise with content marketing, social media, SEO, marketing automation, web analytics, and digital advertising.
  • Strong leadership and cross-functional collaboration abilities.
  • Data-driven mindset with proven success optimizing marketing performance based on metrics and ROI.
  • Track record of innovating and implementing new digital marketing strategies to drive business impact.
  • Familiarity with healthcare IT, cybersecurity, or related fields (preferred).

What does a typical day look like?

There is no typical day for a Global Digital Marketing Manager at Imprivata! Your time is spent on a variety of tasks like:

  • Collaborating with your team on new campaigns, content, and other initiatives.
  • Reviewing and providing feedback on marketing requests from regional teams.
  • Analyzing marketing metrics and reports to identify areas of opportunity.
  • Meeting with cross-functional partners like Sales, Product Marketing, and Customer Success.
  • Staying on top of the latest digital marketing and healthcare IT news and trends.
  • Occasional travel to Imprivata offices for in-person meetings and events.

The role of Global Digital Marketing Manager at Imprivata is challenging but highly rewarding. By driving digital marketing excellence and global collaboration, you have the opportunity to make a significant impact on Imprivata’s brand, growth, and continued success.


So there you have it. As Imprivata’s Global Digital Marketing Manager, your role is pivotal to the success and growth of the company worldwide. With your innovative thinking, data-driven decisions, and mastery of global digital strategies, you are instrumental in spreading Imprivata’s message of enabling fast, secure access that transforms how people interact with technology and information. By leading high-performing global teams, optimizing digital initiatives across countries and cultures, and delivering impactful campaigns, you drive real business results on a global scale. At the end of the day, you can feel proud of the work you do knowing that you make a huge difference in enabling Imprivata to achieve its vision of transforming healthcare through fast, secure access to information. Keep up the great work!

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