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notary business name ideas

Naming your notary business name ideas is an exciting first step to brand building, but the stakes feel high to get it just right. As you wade through ideas, keep top of mind that an ideal name clearly conveys your services, sticks in customers’ minds, and aligns with your business mission. This article will explore factors to weigh when choosing that memorable moniker. You’ll get tips to spur creativity as you brainstorm, along with potential pitfalls to avoid. Most importantly, you’ll gain confidence that the perfect name for your burgeoning business awaits.

How Do I Choose a Business Name?

Choosing a name for your notary business is an important decision. The name is the first impression potential clients will have of your brand and services. It should clearly convey what you do while being memorable and professional. Here are some tips to help you select the perfect name:

  • Keep it simple and easy to pronounce. Avoid complicated names with obscure words or puns that could confuse clients. Opt for something straightforward that rolls off the tongue.
  • Ensure it’s not too similar to competitors. You want a name that helps you stand out, not blend in.
  • Consider your business goals. Choose a name that aligns with your niche or target clients. If you aim to expand into other areas of legal services in the future, pick something broad enough to allow for growth.
  • Check domain name availability. Secure a matching domain name for your business website and email. This makes you easy to find online and presents a cohesive brand image across platforms.
  • Get feedback from others. Ask friends, family, and potential clients what comes to mind when they hear your business name options. See which names resonate most and elicit the kind of image you want to convey.
  • ** Avoid legal issues.** Steer clear of names that could infringe on copyrights or trademarks to prevent disputes. Do thorough research to make sure your top choices are in the clear.
  • Consider location. If your business serves a specific city, county or region, incorporating the location into your name can help clients identify you as a local provider. However, avoid being too location-specific if you plan to expand your service area.
  • Test the names you’re considering. Say them out loud to get a feel for how they sound. The name you choose will be said many times when marketing your business, so you want something you genuinely like!

By following these tips, you can choose a memorable and meaningful name for your notary business that fosters trust with clients and establishes a professional brand. The perfect name is out there—you just have to find it!

Tips for Naming Your Notary Company

notary business name ideas

Choosing a name for your new notary business is an exciting step, but it requires careful consideration. The name you select will shape your brand identity and serve as your clients’ first impression. Follow these tips to find a name that resonates with your target audience.

Focus on relevance. Choose a name that clearly conveys you offer notary services. Incorporate words like “notary,” “signature,” “seal,” or “certification” to create a sense of legitimacy and build trust with clients.

Keep it simple. Opt for a name that’s easy to pronounce, spell, and remember. Avoid complicated legalese that could confuse potential customers. Shorter names, around 2 to 3 words, tend to work well and are more memorable.

Check availability. Do thorough research to confirm your desired business name isn’t already trademarked. Also, make sure the matching domain name is available to purchase. Consistency in your branding across platforms is key.

Consider geographic relevance. If you plan to operate locally, incorporating your city, state, or region into your business name can help establish your location and connection to the community. This strategy works well for location-based businesses.

Test it out. Get input from friends, family, and even potential clients on your top name choices. Ask if the names convey professionalism and if they find them catchy and easy to remember. Incorporate the feedback into your final decision.

Avoid limitations. Select a name that allows for future growth and expansion into new service areas. Overly niche names can limit your opportunities for diversification down the road.

Review legal requirements. Check with your state regarding any naming requirements for notary businesses. Some states prohibit the use of terms like “notary public” in business names to avoid confusion with governmental agencies.

Think long-term. The name you choose will shape your brand for years to come, so take your time exploring options. Consider how the name will sound to future generations of clients as trends change. Select a name with staying power.

Your business name is a key part of your brand identity and the first impression you’ll make on clients. By following these tips, you can choose a name for your notary company that builds trust, conveys your professionalism, and sets you up for long-term success.

25 Unique Notary Business Name Ideas

When choosing a name for your notary business, opt for something creative that captures your brand identity. Here are 25 unique name ideas to inspire your decision making:

Memorable and Catchy

  • Sign and Sealed
  • Stamp of Approval
  • Certified Authentic
  • The Notary Express

Modern and Trendy

  • eNotary Solutions
  • Digital Docs Notary
  • iSeal Mobile Notary
  • eSignature Savants


  • Your County Notary
  • Signature Verification Services
  • Seal of Trust Notary
  • Authenticated Documents Agency

Geographically Inspired

  • Coastline Notary
  • Prairie Notary
  • Crossroads Notary Connection
  • Metro Notary Collective


  • Wills and Trusts Notary
  • Real Estate Notary Pros
  • Elder Law Notary Experts
  • Mobile Notary on Wheels

Tips for Choosing a Name:

•Keep it simple and easy to spell. Complex or difficult names will be hard for clients to remember and find online.

•Check availability of matching web domain and social media handles. Securing complementary platforms will make your business easy to find.

•Consider your location or region. Place-inspired names can help convey familiarity and establish your presence as a local business.

•Test options with friends and family. Get input on which names are most memorable and reflective of your brand identity.

•Do thorough research to avoid trademark issues. Make sure your top name choices are not already in use by another notary business.

•Think about your niche or specialty. If you focus on certain areas of notary work, choose a name that highlights your expertise.

•Consider how the name will sound when said aloud. Some names that look good on paper do not work as well when spoken. Select something with a nice flow and rhythm.

•Keep an open mind. Explore a range of options before settling on a single name. Let new ideas incubate for a while—you may have an “aha!” moment with the perfect choice.

25 Classy Notary Business Name Ideas

Choosing a name for your notary business requires striking a balance between professionalism and creativity. You want a name that conveys your services clearly while also being memorable and catchy. Here are 25 classy notary business name ideas to help inspire your decision:

  • Prestige Notary Services
  • Signature Seal Solutions
  • Certified Notary Professionals
  • Metro Mobile Notary
  • Pristine Papers Notary
  • The Notary Network
  • Your Document Depot
  • Legal Ink Notary
  • Stamp of Approval Notary Services
  • Approved Authentics Notary
  • Affidavit Authorities
  • Oath Office Notary Pros
  • Seal of Security Notary Co.
  • Surety Signings Notary Solutions
  • Licensed and Bonded Notary Services
  • Endorse and Witness Notary Agency
  • 24/7 Notary on Call
  • DocuSign Notary Solutions
  • iNotary Mobile Services
  • Notarize Anywhere Agency
  • My Commissioned Notary
  • The Traveling Notary
  • Your Certified Signing Agent
  • Statewide Notary Services
  • National Notary Network

These classy and professional names convey trust, expertise, and high quality service. They highlight important aspects of a notary business like certification, licensing, security, and convenience. Choosing a name from this list, or using them as inspiration, will give your new notary business a strong and memorable brand identity that appeals to clients.

25 Catchy Notary Business Name Ideas

Coming up with a catchy name for your notary business is key to attracting clients and standing out. A memorable name conveys your brand and the professional services you offer. Consider these creative name ideas:

  • Notary Now – Simple but catchy, conveying fast and efficient service.
  • Sign and Seal Solutions – Highlights the core notary services you provide.
  • The Mobile Notary – Suggests convenient service at clients’ locations.
  • Your Docs on the Go – Implies mobile notary services for busy clients.
  • AAA Notary Pros – Uses familiar ‘AAA’ to convey trustworthiness and expertise.
  • Notarize This! – A fun, memorable name that clearly indicates your services.
  • DocuSigners – A straightforward name focused on the key task of notarizing documents.
  • Seal of Approval Notary – Conveys official certification and authorization of documents.
  • Signing Savvy – Suggests knowledge and skill in the notarization process.
  • The Notary Coach – Implies providing guidance and support to clients.
  • Notary Navigator – Suggests helping clients through the notarization journey.
  • TrustStamp – Focused on building credibility and authenticating documents.
  • Verified Signatures – Highlights the core service of verifying and notarizing signatures.
  • Witness This – Directly indicates notarizing and witnessing the signing of documents.
  • Notary Now and Then – Suggests long-standing experience and expertise.
  • Key Signature Services – Focused on the essential aspects of notarizing signatures and documents.
  • Your Notary Connection – Implies providing a helpful service to link clients to notarization.
  • Notary Central – Suggests being a go-to, one-stop shop for notary needs.
  • Affidavit Affairs – A catchy name playing on the term ‘affidavit’ to represent notary work.
  • Notes and Notary – A clever name highlighting the link between documentation and notarization.
  • Notary Note – Simple but memorable, focused on the key product of notarized documents.

Steps After Naming Your Notary Business

Once you’ve chosen a memorable and fitting name for your notary business, it’s time to make it official. The following steps will ensure your business is properly established and ready to serve clients.

File for a Doing Business As (DBA) Name

If you’re operating under a name other than your legal name, you’ll need to register a DBA with your county clerk’s office. This establishes your business name as an alias and allows you to open business bank accounts, obtain licenses, and market your services under that name.

Set Up Business Accounts

Open dedicated business bank accounts to keep your personal and business finances separate. You’ll also want to establish business credit by applying for vendor accounts and a business credit card. Start building your business credit history to qualify for lending and financing in the future.

Build Your Online Presence

Claim relevant profiles on sites like Yelp, Google My Business, and Facebook to help clients find your business online. Secure a matching domain name and set up a professional website to serve as your digital hub. Include details about your services, experience, availability, and contact information. An active social media presence can also help raise brand awareness.

Obtain Necessary Licenses and Permits

Requirements to operate a notary business vary in each state. You’ll typically need an official notary commission or license, as well as general business licenses or permits required in your city or county. Check with your Secretary of State’s office and municipal government to determine exactly what’s needed to legally conduct business.

Market Your New Business

Start promoting your notary services to attract new clients. Add your business to local directories and distribute flyers in your neighborhood. Build relationships with law firms, real estate agencies, and title companies in your area. Set up meetings to explain how you can meet their notarization needs in a timely and professional manner. Offering discounts or promotions can also help drive new customers to your business.

Provide Consistent Service

Focus on delivering excellent customer service for every client to build loyalty and word-of-mouth referrals. Be responsive, flexible, and professional at all times. Stay up to date with notary regulations and laws to ensure all documents are processed properly. Continually improving your services based on client feedback is key to success.

With the right name and foundation in place, you’ll be well on your way to establishing a reputable and thriving notary business. Don’t hesitate to ask fellow notaries or business organizations for guidance as you get started. Best of luck!

Notary Business Name Ideas FAQ

Choosing a name for your new notary business involves considering several factors to find one that resonates with your target clients. Here are some frequently asked questions to guide you through the process.

How do I come up with name ideas?

Brainstorm words and phrases related to your industry like “signature”, “seal”, “certification”, or “verification”. Combine these with action words like “solutions”, “services”, or “connection”. You can also draw inspiration from company name categories like:

  • Traditional: Trustworthy Notary Services
  • Modern: Swift Seal Notary Co.
  • Geographical: Coastal Notary Connections
  • Niche-focused: Mobile Notary Express

Get friends and family to contribute name suggestions and input. Check if related domain names and social media handles are available for your top choices.

What makes a good business name?

A great notary business name should:

  • Clearly convey your services (e.g. notary, signature, verification)
  • Be easy to remember and spell
  • Differentiate you from competitors
  • Have an available domain name and social media handles

Avoid names that are too generic, complicated or limit your potential growth into new areas. Keep your name simple, professional and trust-inspiring.

Conduct a trademark search to ensure your name is not already in use by another company which could lead to legal disputes. You want to avoid names that are too similar to existing businesses, especially within the notary and legal fields.

It may also be worth consulting with a lawyer regarding business name regulations in your state or county. They can review your name options and point out any potential issues before you go through the process of registering your business.

How do I choose between my options?

Once you’ve generated a list of possible names, evaluate each one based on the factors that matter most to your business like:

  • Relevance to your brand and industry
  • Memorability for clients
  • Availability of a domain/social media
  • Growth potential
  • Feedback from others

Consider testing a few of your top choices with people in your target audience to determine which name resonates most and leaves the best impression. Go with the option that checks off the most boxes for your key criteria.

Choosing the perfect name is an important first step to establishing your brand identity as a notary business. With some creative thinking and by considering key factors like relevance, memorability and legal issues, you can find an available name that represents your company well and attracts new clients.


So there you have it – a variety of creative name ideas inspired by themes of trust, efficiency, and professionalism to help establish your notary business’ brand identity. With the factors and tips covered here, you have the tools to land on a name that conveys your services, resonates with your audience, and propels your success as an entrepreneur. Trust your instincts, get feedback from objective sources, and choose the name that feels uniquely you. This is your chance to craft a brand identity from the ground up. The possibilities are endless when you know where to start – now go unleash your creativity and find that perfect fit!

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