The Crazy World of Timer Channels 

We all have used timers. Some of us use the native app on our android or iPhone to set timers (Siri, Set a timer for 5 minutes). Some of us are lazier and we just type “5 minute timer” on Google. 

Google has a auto-timer setup system where you can type anything and a timer will begin immediately within Google search result. Here’s an example: 

This makes you think, is there any point starting websites like

Would people still use a website to track time in 2024? 

Turns out, they do. receives nearly 3m visits/month only from USA and overall the number goes up to 8m on an average month. 

CRAZY that someone would build a stop watch calculator website and get this much traffic. 

But that’s not today’s topic. 

Did you know, there’s a sub-industry on YouTube where people create timers for X (replace X with anything you want) and make millions? 

Yes, people create videos that are basically just countdown timers for specific demography. 

A 5 minute countdown video for kids look like this: 

Millions of views and there are channels in this industry that make up to $30k/month, by just creating timers for different types of people. 

And the options are limitless. 

You can create timers that start at 1 minute, 2 minutes, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 30 minutes, 15 minutes (endless possibilities until the end of time). 

And you can also create timers for different type of people (timer for kids, timer for young boys, timer for church, timer for study – the list goes on and on). 

All you need is: 

  • Basic understanding of creating these videos (AI can help)
  • Volume (we need 100s of videos covering all timer types and all times) 

That’s it. 

Anybody (literally anybody) can do this. 

This is laborious and boring – and that’s exactly why the competition is low (till now). 

The question is, will you take this opportunity? 

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