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Have you ever felt stuck in life? We all did. So did Julianne, who is the subject of today’s. It is inspiration and more importantly, a proof that anyone can do this.

The story of how she started her business is rather boring. Julianne was working as an attorney and she had no idea about how to make money online. 

She was making good money and was happy – however, life was boring. 

One of her colleagues suggested something. 

Hey Julianne, what if you start a blog? 

Julianne also wanted a hobby so she jumped on the idea. 

She really liked traveling – so one morning, she Googled “how to start a blog” and then created a blog called: Pints, Pounds & Pate. 

Check out her blog here: 

It is a blog about traveling but primarily european traveling – as that’s the only thing Julianne had any interest at that time. 

She started the blog and started writing about her traveling journey. 

She wrote about everything. 

The places she wanted to visit, the places that she visited, how she felt on a place and so on. 

There was no format. 

And there were no visitors. 

Nobody read her blog, but she was fine with it. 

Soon, after 6 months, she saw some people visiting the website. 

She had no idea how those people found the site. 

Eventually she decided to do two types of marketing: 

  • Pinterest
  • SEO 

She was a big Pinterest user and she knew exactly the type of images that do well on Pinterest. So she started adding beautiful travel photos on her blog and started pinning those on Pinterest. 

That got some traction. 

She also started learning SEO from Google and started optimizing her blog posts so more people can find her online. 

But more importantly, she kept writing. 

She wrote 100s of thousands of blog posts on her website and eventually, after a year, the blog started making money. 


If you read one of her articles, you will see that it is filled with ads (she makes on average 10-12 USD for every 1000 visitors) and you will also see product links on her posts (affiliate revenue when someone buys clicking on those links). 

This tiny little blog she started in 2019 made $80,000 USD in 2023. 

At this moment, Julianne’s main traffic comes from SEO & Social Media. 

Unlike many bloggers, she didn’t focus on SEO traffic alone. She tried to grow her Instagram, Twitter and facebook. However, if you visit her social media, you will see that the numbers aren’t that big. 

She only has a few thousand followers on Instagram and Twitter. 

This tells us that you don’t need a huge following to get a lot of traffic from social coming to your website. 

All you need is 4-10 semi-viral reel + posts on social media & those are easier to achieve with travel content as well. 

Was she lucky? 

For sure. 

Did she work harder than you? 

Yes, she did. 

And that’s why she made it happen. 

We found this story inspiring because we can actually see everything. 

We can see the terrible first post she wrote, we can see the blog’s traffic and we can also see the social media struggle and even some bad comments. 

All in all, this is again an indication that blogging is alive and well. Blogging is definitely not going anywhere. 

Out of all the side hustle ideas that rely heavily on the internet, blogging is by far the best one (in our humble opinion). 

We wish you a happy weekend.


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What do you think?

What do you think?

February 15, 2024

Thank you for sharing Julianne’s story! It’s truly inspiring to see how she turned her passion for travel into a successful business. We appreciate your encouragement and wish you a wonderful weekend!

February 15, 2024

Thank you for your kind words! We’re thrilled to hear that Julianne’s story resonated with you. Her journey indeed serves as a testament to the power of passion and perseverance.

We’re grateful for your encouragement and support as we continue to share stories of individuals who dare to pursue their dreams. Wishing you a fantastic weekend filled with inspiration and joy!

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