The Best White Label SEO Software for Your Agency

white label seo software

You’re running an agency and need to scale. But every new client means more repetitive tasks that your team needs to do manually. Keyword research. Content optimization. Link building reports. It’s getting out of hand. What if you could eliminate those grunt work hours without adding employees? Enter white label SEO software. These tools take care of those tedious SEO jobs so your team stays lean—and productive. In this post, you’ll discover the 11 best white label SEO tools that deliver serious automation power. See how you can choose the right one to supercharge your agency’s efficiency overnight. Get ready to scale faster and make more money. The future of hands-off SEO starts now.

Overview of White Label SEO Software

White label SEO tools are giving agencies an unprecedented ability to scale without having to take on more employees. Repetitive tasks that used to require hours of manual labor are accomplished in a fraction of the time, making your agency more professional and efficient.

Some of the best white label SEO software includes:

  • SEO dashboards: These tools help organize all your SEO info like keyword research, local SEO, and competitor tracking into one place. They provide a centralized location to manage SEO campaigns across platforms.
  • Rank tracking: Rank tracking tools monitor how your site and content ranks for target keywords in search engines like Google. They track your ranking positions over time so you can see how your SEO efforts are influencing rankings.
  • Keyword research: Keyword research tools help find high-volume, low-competition keywords to target. They provide metrics like search volume, cost-per-click, and difficulty to determine the best keywords for your clients.
  • Link building: Link building tools help build high quality backlinks to improve your site’s authority and rankings. They provide a database of authoritative sites to build links from, along with an interface to manage outreach campaigns.
  • SEO auditing: SEO audit tools analyze on-page and off-page factors to identify issues holding back your rankings and traffic. They provide actionable insights and recommendations to fix technical issues, improve page content, build more links, and strengthen your overall SEO.
  • Reporting: SEO reporting tools compile data from various sources into customizable reports to share with your clients. They provide an easy way to demonstrate the impact of your SEO efforts through reports on rankings, traffic, conversions, and more.

Using a combination of these white label SEO tools can help your agency work more efficiently and scale quickly without needing to hire additional staff. They handle many of the repetitive SEO tasks, freeing you up to focus on high-level strategy and client relationships.

Benefits of Using White Label SEO Tools

Using white label SEO tools provides several advantages for digital marketing agencies.

Save Time

Automating repetitive tasks like keyword research, backlink analysis, and rank tracking saves your employees hours of manual labor each week. Instead of compiling spreadsheets and sifting through data, white label SEO software does the heavy lifting for you. Your team can then spend their time on high-value work like creating content strategies, building relationships with clients, and optimizing campaigns.

Improve Productivity

With a centralized SEO dashboard, your employees have a single place to manage all their SEO tasks. They no longer have to log in and out of multiple platforms, searching for the information they need. Everything is organized in one easy-to-use interface, boosting productivity and efficiency.

Scale Your Agency

As your agency takes on more clients and SEO campaigns, it can be difficult to keep up with the increased workload without hiring additional staff. White label SEO tools allow you to scale your business without expanding your team. You’re able to accomplish more in less time, and provide the same high-quality service to all your clients.

Offer Premium Services

Some white label SEO software provides access to innovative features that would otherwise be too expensive or complicated for agencies to develop on their own. By reselling these premium services under your own brand, you can charge higher rates and stand out from competitors. Your clients will appreciate the value-added solutions, and your agency profits from the upsell opportunities.

Maintain Control

With white label SEO platforms, you maintain full control and ownership over the services you provide to clients. The tools are customized to display your agency’s branding, and clients interact directly with your team rather than a third-party vendor. This allows you to strengthen your position as the primary SEO expert and point of contact. Clients stay loyal to your agency, instead of the software companies powering your solutions.

In summary, white label SEO tools optimize internal processes, increase productivity, enable scalability, open up new revenue streams, and reinforce your agency’s brand authority. By leveraging the right solutions, digital marketing agencies can achieve sustainable growth and long-term success.

Top Features to Look for in White Label SEO Software

As an agency, you need white label SEO tools that are robust enough to handle all of your SEO needs, yet simple enough for you to implement without hassle. Look for software with these key features:

Automated Reporting

Manually creating client reports can eat up hours of valuable time each month. Choose tools that offer automated reporting so you can provide high-level insights with the click of a button. Reports that are custom branded for your agency and pre-populated with key stats and metrics are ideal.

Customizable Dashboards

Each agency and client has unique needs, so look for white label software with fully customizable dashboards. You should be able to select the specific metrics, graphs, and widgets that are most important for monitoring the success of each campaign. Interactive dashboards allow you to drill down into the data for more detail.

Rank Tracking

Monitoring rankings across search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo is essential. Look for tools that track rankings for your most important keywords and allow you to compare rankings over time to see the impact of your SEO efforts. Rank tracking that includes location-based rankings for local SEO campaigns is a plus.

High-quality backlinks remain one of the most important factors for search engine optimization. Choose software that helps streamline the link building process by identifying link opportunities, analyzing link profiles, and tracking new links as they are built. Look for tools that provide a large database of websites and journalists for manual outreach.

Competitor Analysis

Understanding how your competitors rank for target keywords provides valuable insight into their SEO strategies and helps you benchmark your own efforts. Look for white label tools that allow you to compare domain authority, backlink profiles, content, social shares and rankings across competitors. The more data provided for analysis, the better.

Choosing white label SEO software with these key features will allow your agency to work smarter, not harder. With the right tools in place, you can scale your services without needing to scale your team.

Best White Label SEO Dashboard Tools

White label SEO dashboards give you a bird’s eye view of all your SEO efforts in one place. Rather than jumping between Google Analytics, Search Console, rank tracking, and social media platforms, you get a consolidated overview to spot trends, see what’s working, and make data-driven decisions.

The top white label SEO dashboards are:


SEOprofiler pulls in data from over 10 sources to give you insights into rankings, backlinks, keywords, and more. It offers automated reporting so you can keep clients up-to-date without having to compile reports manually. SEOprofiler also has tools for rank tracking, site audits, and competitor analysis.


AgencyAnalytics consolidates data from platforms like Google Analytics, Search Console, Majestic, and social media sites.It gives you a high-level view of how your campaigns and clients are performing through interactive dashboards and custom reports. AgencyAnalytics offers white label options for reselling and is affordable for agencies of any size.


SEMrush is one of the most popular SEO tools, used by over 6 million marketers. Its dashboard gives you insights into rankings, organic and paid competitors, backlinks, keywords, and site audits. SEMrush offers flexible white label plans for reselling their award-winning tool to clients. They frequently release new features to help agencies gain a competitive advantage.


Ahrefs is a leader in backlink analysis and keyword research. Their SEO dashboard shows you rankings, keywords, backlinks, and content insights for your own site as well as competitors. Ahrefs offers white label solutions for reselling their tool to clients. Their affordable plans and wide range of features have made them a favorite for SEO agencies.

In summary, white label SEO dashboards give you a high-level overview of how your SEO efforts and clients are performing. They save you time compiling reports and make it easy to identify areas that need improvement so you can optimize your SEO strategy. With flexible and affordable plans offered by SEOprofiler, Agency Analytics, SEMrush, and Ahrefs, there are great options for agencies of any size.

Best White Label Keyword Research Tools

Keyword research is the foundation of any successful SEO campaign. The right keywords can make or break your ability to rank for valuable search terms.

White label keyword research tools give you access to powerful data and insights without having to build the technology yourself. They provide keyword suggestions, search volume, difficulty metrics, and more to help guide your keyword strategy.

Some of the top white label keyword research tools for agencies include:

  • SEMrush – SEMrush is one of the most popular SEO tools on the market. Their keyword research tool provides search volume, keyword difficulty, related terms, and more to help you find the best keywords for your clients. You can filter by location, device, and other metrics.
  • Ahrefs – Ahrefs is a leader in SEO software. Their keyword explorer tool delivers insights like search volume, difficulty, seasonality, and related keywords. You can easily track how keyword positions change over time and see keyword growth opportunities. Ahrefs also provides location-based search volume so you can optimize for local SEO.
  • Moz Pro – Moz Pro is an all-in-one SEO toolset that includes keyword research capabilities. Their keyword explorer shows you keyword search volume, difficulty, relevance, and other data points to help guide your keyword selection. You can also see how keywords perform in Google’s top 10 results to determine the best approach.
  • SEMcompare – SEMcompare focuses specifically on providing competitive keyword research. You can analyze how your competitors rank for different keywords, see the keywords they’re targeting, and find opportunities to outrank them. They track search volume, difficulty, and other metrics across locations and devices.

Keyword research tools give your agency a data-driven approach to choosing target keywords. By understanding search volume, difficulty, seasonality, and more, you can develop an SEO keyword strategy that will drive the most traffic and conversions for your clients. The right white label solution will make the job fast and efficient so you can spend less time researching and more time optimizing.

Best White Label Rank Tracking Software

Rank tracking software allows you to monitor how your client’s keywords and pages rank in Google and other search engines. As an agency, rank tracking software is crucial for reporting to clients and ensuring your SEO efforts are effective.

Some of the best white label rank tracking tools are:

  1. Rank Ranger – Rank Ranger offers robust rank tracking features like rank history, competitor rank tracking, and rank alerts. They have an intuitive dashboard that makes it easy to see how rankings are changing over time. Rank Ranger also provides white label reporting so you can share professional reports with your clients under your own brand.
  2. Serpstat – Serpstat is an all-in-one SEO tool with powerful rank tracking capabilities. They track rankings for Google, Bing, Yahoo, YouTube, and Google Maps. Serpstat offers customizable white label dashboards and reporting so you can monitor rankings and share reports as if it’s your own software. They have an API that allows you to pull rank data into your existing systems.
  3. Moz Pro – Moz Pro is one of the most well-known SEO tools, and they offer white label solutions for agencies. Their rank tracking shows how your keywords and pages rank in Google along with their competitors. Moz Pro lets you set up rank tracking projects to monitor groups of keywords and pages. They provide customizable reports to share with your clients. Moz Pro does offer more limited historical rank data compared to other tools.
  4. SEMrush – SEMrush is a popular all-in-one SEO tool that provides useful rank tracking features. They show keyword rankings for Google, Bing, and Yahoo along with rich rank history and competitor comparisons. SEMrush offers flexible white labeling options to build your own dashboards and share reports. They have an API for integrating rank data into your existing platforms. SEMrush can be on the pricier side, especially for large agencies.

Choosing a rank tracking tool ultimately comes down to your budget, how much data you need, and the level of white labeling options. The tools outlined above are all highly capable and used by top SEO agencies. Take some time to explore the options and find what works best for your needs.

Best White Label Competitor Analysis Tools

Keeping tabs on your competitors is crucial for any agency. Competitor analysis tools allow you to monitor rankings, backlinks, content, and more to gain valuable insights into their strategy and stay one step ahead.

The best white label competitor analysis tools are:

  • SEMrush – Tracks rankings, keywords, backlinks, ads, and more for your competitors. Gives you an overview of their entire digital marketing strategy so you can benchmark your efforts.
  • Ahrefs – A robust tool for analyzing your competitors’ backlink profiles, content strategies, keywords, and rankings. Lets you see where they’re getting links from and the anchor text they’re using to help you replicate their success.
  • SpyFu – Monitors your competitors’ pay-per-click ad campaigns, keywords, ad copies, and landing pages. Gives you data on their ad spend, impressions, click-through rates and more so you can optimize your own PPC strategy.
  • BuzzSumo – Shows you the content that’s performing well for your competitors so you can create similar content or reach out for backlinks and coverage. Analyzes shares, links, keywords, influencers, and more to provide content ideas and see what’s working.

Using a combination of these tools will provide you with a 360 view of your competitors and help take the guesswork out of developing an effective SEO and content strategy. You’ll have data-backed insights into what’s driving their organic and paid traffic so you can allocate your resources to the areas that will make the biggest impact.

Competitor analysis is an ongoing process, so make it a habit to check in on your competitors regularly using these tools. Look for changes in their strategies and new opportunities you may be missing. By keeping a close eye on the competition, your agency will be in the best position to gain more market share and continue improving results for your clients.

White label link building tools give you the ability to build high-quality backlinks at scale without hiring additional link builders. These tools automate the tedious parts of link building, like finding link opportunities, analyzing link prospects, and managing outreach campaigns.

  • Link Assistant – Link Assistant discovers new link building opportunities, analyzes link prospects, and helps you manage outreach campaigns. It finds places your content can be used as a resource, evaluates link placement quality, and organizes your link building efforts into one place.
  • Pitchbox – Pitchbox streamlines your link building outreach with ready-made email templates, follow-up reminders, and progress reports. It enables you to connect with influential websites, build relationships, and gain high-quality backlinks. With Pitchbox, you’ll save time crafting personalized emails while still being able to customize messages.
  • Linkody – Linkody is an end-to-end link building tool for agencies that provides prospect discovery, opportunity analysis, outreach management, and link tracking. It uses machine learning to find link prospects that match your desired metrics, evaluates opportunities based on domain authority and spam score, and gives you insights into your link building performance.

Using a white label link building tool allows your agency to scale link building efforts without increasing costs or resources. These tools automate the tedious and time-consuming parts of link building, giving you more time to focus on relationship building and content creation. With a good link building tool, you’ll gain more high-quality backlinks in less time, helping you achieve better rankings and organic traffic for your clients.

FAQs About White Label SEO Software

As an agency owner, you likely have many questions about white label SEO tools and how they can benefit your business. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions and their answers:

What exactly is white label SEO software?

White label SEO tools are SaaS (Software as a Service) platforms designed specifically for digital marketing agencies. The software itself is created by a third-party developer, but agencies can brand it as their own and offer it to clients. This allows you to provide professional SEO services without having to build the technology from scratch.

Do I have to commit to a long-term contract?

Many white label SEO tools offer month-to-month or annual contracts, so you can choose an option that fits your needs. Short-term contracts, like month-to-month, provide more flexibility if you want to test out different software options. Annual contracts typically come with discounts for committing to a longer period of time. Some tools also offer free trials so you can experience the platform before purchasing.

Will the software integrate with my existing tools?

Most white label SEO platforms integrate with popular third-party tools like Google Analytics, Moz, Ahrefs, SEMrush, and more. Integrations allow you to pull data from multiple sources into one centralized dashboard, giving you a holistic view of your SEO efforts and performance across tools. Be sure to check which specific integrations are offered before choosing a software.

How much does white label SEO software cost?

Pricing for white label SEO tools varies depending on the features and integrations offered. Basic tools with limited capabilities typically start around $50 to $200 per month. More robust platforms with advanced features and numerous integrations usually range from $200 to $500 per month. Some tools charge additional fees for add-ons, increased data limits, and the ability to white label the software for reselling to clients under your own brand.

Is white label SEO software difficult to set up and use?

Most white label SEO tools are designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, with little technical knowledge required. The software guides you through an initial setup and onboarding process to get your account configured. After the initial setup, the tools are meant to simplify your SEO workflows rather than complicate them. However, some platforms do have a learning curve for advanced features. Look for software with helpful resources like knowledgebases, video tutorials, and customer support.


At the end of the day, the right white label SEO software for your agency comes down to your specific needs and goals. Do you want to save time on repetitive tasks? Improve reporting? Or scale your services? With the range of excellent tools available, focus on finding one aligned to your objectives. Then watch your agency become more efficient and productive in serving clients. Whichever route you take, embrace the opportunity that white label SEO presents. The future looks bright for agencies ready to step up their game.


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