How Many Links Does Your Content Need to Rank on Page One?

(Content Link Quantity for Ranking)

The most frequently asked concerns we get is this What number of hyperlinks do I require for my site to be ranked highly on search engines? To be ranked high it is necessary to have the same number of links as the other results that rank. You must have around the same amount of links that pages that rank on page one already have. (Content Link Quantity for Ranking)

To rank highly
To rank highly

What about this?

There’s not a magic formula that will cause Google immediately rank your web page higher than another. However, in order to get Google to view you as one of the contenders appearing at the top of page 1, you have to ensure you’re getting approximately the same amount of hyperlinks that the results appearing on page one have. The number of hyperlinks these pages contain will provide you with an estimate of how many links you’ll require. Let’s look at how to determine an initial target of the number of links you’ll require for a specific website.

Pick a broad subject you’d like to be renowned for.

For the beginning, pick an area that you’d like to be known for and that includes many different long-tail variations. For instance, if you’re company is a fitness center it could be a broad subject like “workout exercises.”
Here’s an example the link-checking tool.

Moz’s Open Site Explorer


It tells you the number of the root domains (websites) have links to this URL. Let’s determine how many links you’ll require to have on your web page.
How do you calculate the baseline goal of how many links you’ll require:
Pick a broad topic you’d like to be known for. Connect that topic to Google and search. Check the URLs of most of the results with an instrument for checking link links. Find how many root domains are that link to these websites.
Study the competition on the broad subject.
Then, you can plug in that broad subject into Google in a private window and search. Note the first 10 results that pop up. After that, one at a time select the URL and check it with a link-checking tool. Moz offers a free tool named Open Site Explorer that lets you enter the URL and tell you how many root domains or websites, are linked to the URL.(Content Link Quantity for Ranking)
Let’s determine how many root domains are in the same average.

Calculating the average number in root domains


Average: 30

You will require around 30 backlinks on unique websites to be able to compete with these sites. Find the average number of domains which link to competitors’ sites. After you’ve completed this process for the 10 results, you can calculate how many domains linking to these websites. This will give you an estimate of the number of links you’ll require to be able to compete with results appearing on the top page on Google. If you wanted to be competitive with the first page results in the search for “workout routines” you’d need around 30 backlinks from unique sites. The pages you’ll find here that have fewer backlinks but remain on the first page likely reside on sites with good domain authority.

  • Which piece of content ought to include all the hyperlinks?
  • What do I do to determine which article should include all the hyperlinks?
  • What are the most popular elements and themes that are featured on Pages that are ranked?
  • What piece of content must include all the hyperlinks?

Once you’ve determined the number of links your content must have to stand out in the search engine You might be asking yourself,

You’ll also look at those that rank in the top 10 result of searches for the same broad subject. Go to each URL, and then skim the contents. What are the most common elements and themes you can encounter in these sites? What are the commonalities that you notice in the content in general, the language they employ and their structure and even the length? Don’t create content that is unique and distinctive. Don’t try to make yourself stand out by creating a piece content that is truly different and distinctive. To be able to beat these results you must have an article that has these concepts and elements. What are the best results of search mostly blog posts? Videos? Lists of resources? It’s tempting to make your site stand out by creating content that is unique and different but it will not be a good idea for SEO.(Content Link Quantity for Ranking)

In the case of SEO,

following what other websites who are ranking effectively is generally what you should be doing. Does your site already have similar content? Check your site what your website’s structure is like. Do you contain a section of content with these common topics and features? If not, the first step is to develop your own piece of content with an identical structure and look like the pages from page 1. Take the time to think whether your site does has a piece of content that’s structured in a similar way and includes the elements that are common to all websites? If yes, it’s the article that you’ll need to link to. In the event that it’s not so, then you’ll have to come up with a brand fresh piece which does have the same look and feel as the ones you’ve seen on page one before you can begin to build hyperlinks for the topic. (Content Link Quantity for Ranking)


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