Why Relationships Are the Key to Link Building at Scale

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When you think about link building Most people get stuck in increasing the size of link building. This is usually because they tend to focus on scaling their the individual strategies for building links instead of establishing and building relationships.
The importance of relationships lies with building connections.
Take a look at it this way The relationship has everything to do links. To allow blog posts to be linked to your site it is necessary to establish an established relationship with the author of the post. To convince a publication to permit you to publish a story on their website it is necessary to establish an agreement with a news source.

Link building involves being careful and shrewd in building connections with those who are able and would like to link to your site. You can see that link building isn’t just about sending out cold email blasts to every journalist, blogger or influential person in your field. It’s about being careful and considerate in developing meaningful relationships with the right people be interested in linking to your site.

Let’s examine the benefits of link building tactics in comparison to the amount of resources needed.

Let me show you what I am referring to. This graph illustrates the most popular strategies for building links on a scale. It shows “resources needed” in the X-axis as well as “potential rewards” in the Y-axis. The strategies that you notice on the right-hand side include things like buying an online presence, or publishing an article on a top-quality publication – will need a lot of money and provide huge rewards. It’s possible to attempt one of these high-resource, high-reward methods 10 times, and only be successful only once. All you’ll require is that single triumph to make years of hard work worthwhile. The strategies at the bottom left of the page require less resources and provide a modest reward. These are the most common strategies you’ll use such as “link reclamation” that is, soliciting a link whenever your company appears on a website with no link as well as “resource websites,” which means getting an address for your site in a listicle.

Each of these strategies requires the establishment of a relationship for the purpose of working.

What’s the most common thread you’ll find in all these strategies for building links? Each of them requires you to establish an alliance with someone or company in order to succeed. Only way to expand low-risk methods for building links that are low-reward is to build lasting relationships. Growing your link building strategies is especially crucial when you are using less risky, low-reward methods. It is the only method to increase the effectiveness of these strategies is to build long-lasting relationships with journalists, bloggers and partners, business owners and influencers. This way, you’ll be able to really test multiple strategies by establishing a single relationship in time.Relationship Link Building

One thing I’ve discovered is freelance journalists can be an absolute goldmine for link building. Why? Because they make a living by pitching stories to different publications, and they get paid for it. If you provide them material to pitch, you’re helping them by making their lives much easier. Relationship-building should always start with you delivering value.

Don’t Forget:

The process of building relationships must always begin by providing worth to those you’d like to get a link from. Here’s an example for starting an symbiotic relationship.


Hey there! I’ve been a long-time fan and reader. Are you in search of content on a specific topic I could create a guest post for you?


Sure! I’m always looking for new content. Would you be willing to write a guest post about this particular topic for me?
Relationship-building should always start with you delivering value. Speaking of helping others, don’t forget that relationship-building should always start with you delivering value to the person you want a link from. When you’re establishing a connection don’t open with them by asking them to perform things for you. This isn’t going to succeed. The most efficient way to establish a relationship that is successful and will result in more backlinks is by offering something of benefits to them prior to. If, for instance, you’re looking to establish relationships with a particular blogger, you could contact them and say you’ve been a long-time fan of their website and thinking of an article you could guest write about a particular subject. Discover their personal and business goals, and then write an appealing argument that highlights the benefits of a relationship that is a part of your business.Relationship Link Building

How are you currently doing relationship-building?

You can ask yourself:
What connections does your company already have with bloggers,

  • journalists or influencers who could be able to link to your website?
  • Who would you like that your company had a connection with?
  • What are the benefits you can offer your clients to start a new relationship?

Now, take a moment to think about how you’re doing on relationship-building so far. What kind of relationships do you already have with bloggers, journalists and influencers that could be linked to your website? What people would you prefer your organization was in contact with, and what do you have to offer them in order to build a relationship? The more lasting relationships you build with people who are able to link to you from quality websites, the better you can scale up your link-building efforts over time.Relationship Link Building

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