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Descriptive Link Text

On a website, the descriptive text of a link is crucial for SEO performance. Link descriptions are the clickable words or phrases within the hyperlink. Link descriptions help users as well as search engines understand the content. The search engines are able to comprehend the reason for your hyperlinks and the hierarchy of the content. Also, people are more likely to click on the link that clearly clarifies the purpose. (Descriptive Link Text)

Descriptive Link Text

Common phrases like “click here” or “learn more” are not a great description of a link. Google suggests these link descriptions as best practices. Keep the content relevant. Do not use any of the words in a way that is not connected to the content of the page. Use the URL of the page as the description for the link in the absence of an excellent reason for doing this, for example, referring to the new address of a website. Keep descriptions concise. Try to limit your descriptions to a couple of words or a few sentences. Make sure that links are formatted so that they’re easily identifiable. 

To the left is an ineffective description of the link. The description “click here” isn’t specifically relevant to the blog post about optimizing your website. On the right side, you’ll find an excellent description of the link. Utilizing the term “website optimization” in the description, it is clear that the link’s content is related to this topic. In this instance, changing the “click here” and click heredescriptions of the link with the phrase “website optimization” provides a more enjoyable experience. It’s only a minor change that will have a significant impact on your page’s performance. affects your site’s rank and user experience. 

 It’s fairly simple. It can be changed directly within your HTML, similar to the examples we’ve covered. No matter what CMS you use to publish your content online, it’s as easy as hyperlinking keywords with “command + K” or clicking on click hyperlink. With the meta description and link description installed, you’ll experience more performance on search engines and provide an improved experience for visitors to your site.(Descriptive Link Text)


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