The Ultimate Guide to Web Forms

Discover the Top 5 high-converting form types that can help you grow your business.
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This guide’s ultimate coverage covers:

  • popular Form types to help you generate leads and automate sales. They also help you determine the level of satisfaction with your customers, and much more.

  • Tips on how to extract the most value out of these forms on your site

  • The best practices to use forms, along with suggestions on designing the user experience, as well as the management of data

  • A helpful checklist to assist you in choosing the best form builder to meet your needs as a business

Online forms are among the primary ways your intended audience can establish the process of connecting with your company.


Forms on the web come in a variety of sizes and shapes and can be used for numerous applications. Companies can design them to let users make calls and sign up for newsletters, or even use them for more sophisticated purposes such as automatically creating quotes for an item or making an offer.

Selecting the right type of form and then adjusting it for your target audience and objectives will boost conversion rates. If you’re able to attract more users to these forms, your business will see more inquiries as well as orders and sign-ups which will increase your sales.

Along with Gravity Forms we’ve created an instructional guide that will assist you in exploring five types of forms that could assist in growing your business as well as form-building best practices and strategies to improve your forms to achieve greater conversion rates. There’s also a helpful list of tips to select the ideal form builder to suit your particular project.

Download this complete guide to begin taking, nurturing, and keeping leads and customers using better web forms.


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