Winning over andback customersduring a downturn

Get 25 tips from top industry leaders
Winning over and back customers during a downturn

Do a deep dive into 25 win-back and retention strategies that can last well beyond uncertain times

The loss of a customer is an enormous setback for any company in these difficult times. However, keeping customers and preventing churn is more challenging than ever. It is also necessary to cut costs and come up with ways to make more from less. It’s a vicious circle of everyone struggling to keep afloat. We have, along with Oneflow and Oneflow, gathered 25 useful tips from top executives in the industry to change the cycle of misery into a more positive one.


Key learnings & takeaways:


The current economic environment’s effects on business

How can you prevent loss to customers?

How do you attract and bring new customers

25 tried-and-tested tips from industry experts

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