Does Planet Fitness Have a Sauna? The Surprising Answer

does planet fitness have a sauna

You’ve probably heard about Planet Fitness and its $10 a month gym membership. With over 2,000 locations across the country, it’s one of the most popular fitness chains. But when you walk into a Planet Fitness, you quickly realize it lacks some amenities you might expect in a full-service gym. Have you ever wondered if Planet Fitness has a sauna or steam room? As you’re about to find out, the answer might surprise you.

While a sauna or steam room can be an enjoyable way to relax after a tough workout, most Planet Fitness gyms don’t offer these amenities. And there’s a logical reason behind this decision. By avoiding costly features like saunas, Planet Fitness can keep its membership fees incredibly low. Its whole business model is based around providing only the essentials for a good workout, nothing more.

So if you’re hoping to unwind in a steamy sauna after your workout, you’ll likely need to look elsewhere. But in this article, we’ll explore why Planet Fitness takes this approach, and we’ll look at some alternative options you still have for getting sauna-like benefits.

Does Planet Fitness Have a Sauna or Steam Room?

Sadly, the majority of Planet Fitness gyms don’t offer a sauna or steam room. Their main goal is to provide an affordable fitness experience, and building and running saunas can really increase costs. It also means hiring more staff to properly clean and monitor the facilities.

To keep membership fees low, Planet Fitness avoids these kinds of additions. Their target audience is people looking for a basic, budget-friendly gym, not necessarily all the bells and whistles of a traditional health club.

While some Planet Fitness franchises may have a sauna depending on the location and owner, most people join Planet Fitness for the essentials: lots of cardio and strength equipment, unlimited fitness training, and an supportive, non-intimidating environment. If a sauna or steam room is really important to your workout routine, Planet Fitness probably isn’t the best choice for you.

Some possible alternatives if you’re set on sauna access include:

Sauna Blankets

Portable sauna blankets, like higher-end infrared sauna blankets, can provide a similar heating experience to a traditional sauna. You sit inside the blanket which uses infrared heaters to raise your body temperature and induce sweating. An added plus is you can use it at home!

Infrared Saunas

Infrared saunas use infrared radiant heat to warm your body from the inside out. The heat penetrates deeper than a regular sauna, and can provide relaxation and detoxification benefits. Many gyms, health clubs, and even some high-end apartments offer infrared saunas.

Traditional Saunas

If an authentic Finnish-style sauna is what you’re after, check out gyms in your area that specifically advertise luxury facilities like saunas, steam rooms, hot tubs, and more. Be prepared to pay higher membership fees for access to these premium amenities.

At the end of the day, it comes down to your priorities and budget. While Planet Fitness likely won’t satisfy your sauna needs, their unmatched value and welcoming philosophy continue to win over millions of members. For everything else, you’ve got options to get your sweat on!

Why Doesn’t Planet Fitness Have These Amenities?

Planet Fitness is focused on providing a straightforward, affordable workout experience for the average gym-goer. While some gyms opt to offer additional spa-like amenities like saunas, steam rooms, and hot tubs, these features don’t align with Planet Fitness’s mission and would ultimately raise membership costs.

Low Membership Fees

One of the main reasons Planet Fitness avoids saunas and steam rooms is to keep membership fees affordable. Building and maintaining saunas and steam rooms requires a big upfront investment and ongoing costs every year. To keep membership rates as low as $10 a month, Planet Fitness avoids these pricey additions.

Target Audience

Planet Fitness aims to attract casual gym-goers and newcomers to fitness, not gym rats looking for an upscale spa experience. Their “judgement-free” environment and emphasis on accessibility over luxury amenities appeals most to those just getting started with exercise or on a budget. While saunas and steam rooms might interest some members, they’re not essential for Planet Fitness’s target member base.

Reduced Staffing

Operating saunas and steam rooms also requires additional staff to handle cleaning, maintenance, and monitoring – which means higher overhead costs in the form of wages and benefits. To keep things streamlined and costs low, Planet Fitness provides only the essential equipment and facilities. Additional amenities like saunas would compromise their efficient business model.

Of course, some Planet Fitness locations may offer saunas, steam rooms or hot tubs depending on the franchise owner and local regulations. But as a whole, the Planet Fitness brand focuses on simplicity and affordability over luxury. Their “no-frills” gym experience is designed to keep membership accessible for everyone – and that means avoiding pricey add-ons like saunas and steam rooms. For those wanting an upscale gym experience, other fitness clubs may be better options. But for an affordable, judgement-free workout, you can’t beat Planet Fitness.

What Spa Amenities Are Available at Planet Fitness?

Planet Fitness is focused on providing essential gym equipment and a welcoming environment for people of all fitness levels at an affordable price. While they don’t offer traditional spa amenities like saunas, steam rooms or hot tubs, there are still a few features you can enjoy for relaxation and wellness.

Massage Beds

Many Planet Fitness locations now offer massage beds with hydrotherapy jets. These beds use strategically placed water jets to massage your back, legs and feet. The massaging action helps relieve muscle tension and soreness after your workout.

Tanning Beds

If you want to get a glow before hitting the beach or pool, you can use the tanning beds available at most Planet Fitness gyms. They offer both stand-up tanning booths as well as traditional tanning beds. Tanning in moderation can have some benefits, but be sure to take proper precautions to avoid sun damage and skin cancer.

Hydromassage Loungers

For the ultimate post-workout relaxation, try out the hydromassage loungers. These chairs use jets of warm water to massage your back, neck and shoulders. The rhythmic pulsating helps loosen tight muscles and relieve pressure points. Many members find a quick session in the hydromassage lounger leaves them feeling rejuvenated and ready to take on the rest of their day.

While Planet Fitness opts out of more traditional spa features to keep their membership affordable and accessible, the massage beds, tanning beds and hydromassage loungers can still help you unwind and de-stress after your workout. Be sure to check with your local club to see which of these options are offered, as amenities may vary between locations. With the essential equipment to get a solid workout combined with options for rest and recovery, Planet Fitness aims to provide everything you need to feel good while keeping their membership pricing simple and judgement free.

Alternatives for Saunas and Steam Rooms

With no sauna or steam room options, what alternatives does Planet Fitness offer for those wanting extra relaxation or wellness benefits? Luckily, there are a few choices:


Many Planet Fitness locations offer hydromassage beds, which provide a massage using warm water jets. The pulsating water helps relieve tension in your back, neck and shoulders. Hydromassage can be very calming and soothing without the intense heat of a sauna.


If you’re looking to warm up and get some color, tanning beds are available at select Planet Fitness gyms. While tanning beds are controversial and can increase the risk of skin damage or skin cancer, many people still use them occasionally in moderation. Check with your local club to see if tanning services are offered and take proper precautions.

Massage Chairs

For a budget-friendly massage, many Planet Fitness clubs have massage chairs. Massage chairs use mechanical rollers and vibrations to relax your muscles. They provide many of the same benefits of a massage like increased circulation, reduced pain and improved flexibility.

While Planet Fitness aims to keep costs low, they do offer a few basic spa-like amenities for comfort and wellness. If saunas or steam rooms are an important part of your gym experience, you may need to consider other gym options in your area or installing a sauna at home. Home saunas like infrared saunas or sauna blankets are becoming more affordable and can provide similar health benefits.

Overall, Planet Fitness focuses on providing essential exercise equipment and a welcoming environment for people of all fitness levels. For a low-cost, no-frills gym, they offer good value with a few basic amenities for comfort and relaxation. If high-end spa facilities are a priority, a traditional gym with more amenities may better suit your needs.

Does Planet Fitness Have a Sauna? FAQs

When you join a gym, access to amenities like a sauna, steam room or hot tub can seem ideal. While Planet Fitness is known for many amenities, saunas and steam rooms sadly aren’t provided by most Planet Fitness clubs.

To understand why Planet Fitness typically doesn’t offer saunas or steam rooms, you have to consider their business model and goals.

Low Membership Fees

One of Planet Fitness’s main objectives is to provide an affordable fitness experience. Installing and maintaining saunas and steam rooms every year can significantly increase costs. To keep membership fees low, Planet Fitness avoids these additions.

Reduced Staffing

Operating saunas and steam rooms requires extra cleaning and monitoring, meaning hiring more staff. To keep costs down, Planet Fitness avoids these amenities.

Target Audience

Planet Fitness aims to provide essential gym equipment and a welcoming environment for occasional or first-time gym members. Saunas and steam rooms typically appeal more to gym veterans and those focused on muscle recovery.

While some Planet Fitness franchises may offer a sauna depending on the owner and local rules, most stick to the basics. If using a sauna or steam room is important to you, Planet Fitness may not meet your needs. However, for an affordable, no-frills gym experience, you can’t beat Planet Fitness.

For muscle recovery and relaxation without a sauna, try:

•Massages – Some Planet Fitness clubs offer massage chairs or massage therapists. •Yoga or stretching – Planet Fitness provides space for yoga, stretching and bodyweight exercises. •Foam rolling – Use foam rollers to loosen tight muscles. Many Planet Fitness gyms have foam rollers available for use. •Epsom salt baths – Take an Epsom salt bath at home to relieve sore muscles. The magnesium in Epsom salt helps reduce inflammation.

While a sauna can be ideal, there are other effective options for recovery and wellness at Planet Fitness or on your own. Focus on making the most of the amenities Planet Fitness does provide, and your workout routine will still be balanced and effective.


So what’s the verdict – should the lack of a sauna or steam room deter you from joining Planet Fitness? Not necessarily. If having access to those amenities is non-negotiable for your workout routine, PF may not be the best fit. But with their famously low membership fees and extensive array of cardio and strength equipment, PF aims to make fitness accessible and approachable for everyone. Ultimately only you can decide if the tradeoffs are worth it. If you’re willing to skip the frills and just want an affordable place to break a sweat and stay active, Planet Fitness delivers on that promise. And who knows – your local franchise might surprise you with a sauna after all. Either way, now you know what to expect when you walk through those purple doors.

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